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BYB Financial Coach, LLC

Financial Coaching to support you through your Divorce & beyond


If you are facing a divorce and concerned about your financial future…

We will guide you through the unique financial challenges and decisions encountered during the divorce process.

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can help you reduce your financial stress while assisting you in reaching a fair and equitable settlement. It’s important to know the real cost of divorce and to develop a realistic picture of your financial situation going forward.

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Areas of Focus

Valuing & dividing property

Organizing your assets, no matter how large or small, as marital or separate property to properly understand the effects of dividing each.

spousal & Child Support

How much will I pay or receive in support? What criteria is used in determining support? How long will I receive/ pay it and what are my options?

cash flow projections

Helping you review and develop a budget so that you have a realistic look at your income and expenses following your divorce.

the marital home

Can you afford to keep the home? We’ll review your options for keeping the home, selling, downsizing and other strategies.

revIEwing retirement assets

Going over your options for IRA’s, 401(k)’s, 403(b)’s, and Pensions. What is the proper way to divide them to avoid penalties and withholding?

tax issues & solutions

There are tax implications with each of your assets, such as capital gains, cost basis, and tax penalties that we will make you aware of.



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